MissionExams is an endeavor to assist children and youth in dreaming, decoding, and deciding a career for success and satisfaction in life. Mission Exams will provide necessary information related to sarkari exams for securing government jobs of their choice. It will also guide them for study and job abroad through its informative content.


Table of Contents

MissionExams: A Career Laboratory for Self-discovery

The darkness after failure in the life of career aspirants along with their family members reflecting in daily news due to lack of right guidance has led to the foundation of  MissionExams. It is a “Learning and Career  Laboratory for self-discovery” as a daydream project of its founder, Dr. Md. Usmangani Ansari. Dr MU Ansari, the mentor of this project, has worked on education, careers, exams, human resource (HR), employment…for 29 years. His M.Phil. research topic was “International Civil Service Commission” for UNO and its agencies like UPSC for India and Ph.D. topic “UN Secretariat”. 

This Edtech online platform, is running under the guidance of Dr. MU Ansari who has worked as a principal in CBSE boarding school, director in career centres, chief editor in academic and career books publishing companies, and content head in software web/IT global company. 

Dr. MU Ansari has authored more than 50 and edited 1000+ books for schools, colleges, universities, careers & competitive exams. He has also written more than 2000 pages for online web digital platforms in the form of articles and news for careers and exams, web-content for IT, hospitality & tourism industries, fashion designing, real estate firms of Middle East, UK, and India. He has also written blogs for different nature of websites and companies like law firms in KSA, scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in the Gulf, food industries in India and UAE, etc. 

Dr MU Ansari along with his associates has set the goal to make this Mission “the most valued, reliable, and result oriented online Edtech platform” globally. Let’s come to the vision, mission, and core belief of Mission Exams.

MissionExams: Vision

Mission Exams digital organisation was founded with a vision to make it cooperative and coordinating “Education, Career, and Exams Guidance Platform”. It works as a research laboratory available to every child and career aspirant to discover himself or herself through the right analytical approach, procedure, strategy, environment, and experiment.  Its core vision is to serve the masses for better education and career opportunities available across the world with practical information. 

Mission engages mutual assistance of students, career aspirants, parents, teachers, career counsellors, schools, colleges, coaching institutes working towards a common goal, youth success and satisfaction in their career and life, with the help of quality and result oriented ideas, content, effective technology and convenient digital media.

  • Dr MU Ansari intends that Mission Exams to be the world’s most informative career platform where career aspirants get the most valuable guidance in dreaming, decoding, deciding, and making a career according to his/her interest and career objective.
  • His vision is to work with the most learned, intelligent, and experienced global minds for required career guidance to diverse individual needs and interests. 
  • He aspires to make our society knowledgeable, skilled, and cultured.
  • 20% of the world’s youth population reside in India. They are driving a culture of diversity in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. They offer both a workforce as well as a market. They can be a demographic dividend and play an important role in achieving India’s target of 5 trillion US$ economy if they are guided and directed in a positive way. 
  • However Dr MU Ansari started Mission Exams journey alone but firmly believes that many shall come on the way and play their role for the benefit of self, society and the whole humanity worldwide.
  • He aspires Mission Exams to be India’s most comprehensive, reliable, and result-oriented online preparation digital platform for the most lucrative jobs such as UPSC Civil Services, States PCS, and UGC/NET and other academic and career exams.

MissionExams: Mission

  • Dr MU Ansari has founded Mission Exams to educate and guide children, competitive aspirants, and the general public about education, career, and social concern of youth. MissionExams is a small endeavor to return something to society whatever he got from the same.
  • He is on a mission to prepare individuals through human and rational discourse so that everyone can be a knowledgeable, skilled, rational, and the most cultured part of a civilized society globally.

Mission Exams: Core Belief

Dr  MU Ansari believes in collaborative and cooperative efforts of local, national, and global players together in achieving any goal set before. In youth careers digital platforms are playing the most important role  that bring together students, academicians,  teachers, parents, and competitive content experts from across the world to fulfill the needs of the hour.